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Paintings on wood

handmade with natural paint

made from nature, can return to nature when outlived


A blue-grey pigment, Vivianite, foraged in nature in Belgium, unrefined and containing a high amount of iron, used to paint the blue-grey donkey fur.

Handmade paintings with natural paint on wood. It is a product of nature and it can find its way back to nature when outlived.


The donkeys are painted with home-made paint made of varieties of chalks, ashes, natural mineral pigments (partly foraged and partly sourced from ocres de France) and gum arabic (sap of an acacia tree.

The white, transparent ground layer is made using chalk, seashells, pine tree bark and organic rice flour.

The paints have a texture and grain, that can be touched and felt which will not cause any damage to the painting.

Though they should be kept dry, as they are not protected against splashing water. 

Barely visible on the photographs, but the paintings are glistening in a subtle way. The seashells leave traces of mother of pearl and ashes have a glistening character too.


The pigments used are lightfast, they will keep their colour when exposed to light. 


They are painted on chestnut wood. The wood is a left over piece from a shingle, harvested in a well managed forest.

The wood was cut, sanded, the ground layer is painted and sanded in several layers and sanded again to keep it transparent. The wood and its inherent play of lines and texture itself is preserved in the transparency.

The woods contain a simple suspension system with holes and a tied hemp rope.

The back is just rough, as it was. 

ido drinkt zww.jpg

Ido and her tea. (Photo Marijke Cuypers)

ido en ilya.jpg
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