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Apple tree


Custom made birth announcement


Size: A6 148mm x 105mm, structured paper, 
fsc-mix labeled 

print of a drawing
made with colour pencil 
and a background layer of home made plant paint



Back of the card, background in natural pigments, little drawings continuing the story of the front of the card.

Name in stamp letters, made with a compostable, environment friendly charcoal ink.


Envelope of 100% recycled paper
handmade stamp, stamped with 100% compostable, environment friendly ink consisting of charcoal ink and honey.


Little cards 4,5cm x 4,5cm prints on 
structured paper fsc-mix labeled

print of a drawing 
made with colour pencil and a background layer of home made plant paint


The background of the drawing is painted in ink maade from tansy, as tansy would bloom abundant on Jasper's due date.


For more information and prices on custom made birth announcement cards send an email to

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