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Online gallery in Wool house

Wool house is a beautiful place my father has built, together with my mama's design. It is a house where things grow. Once it was the stable of the sheep. Nowadays my mama uses it for raising vegetables and spinning threads. So I continued spinning a thread in a little moment Wool house wasn't inhabited.

I decorated Wool house with a selection of 9 original drawings from the series "House in the sea". They are all made with oil pastels, ink and occasionally with gouache. 

I framed them all in frames that I restored. I repainted some of them in natural home made paint. All wood and glass.


Prices are numbers of Fibonacci. For I have the feeling that, when the drawing is exchanged for the number, you and me can both grow from it in a harmonious way. 


The series "house in the sea" is about living out of time, living in eternality. It is about connecting to our inner truth, to nature. It is about a rewilding movement in and out.

To celebrate the opening of the online gallery, I'll sing for you the song "The Path".

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