12 cards, Here I cross, a winter series

12 cards, Here I cross, a winter series

Card set, 12 cards - Here I cross - a winter series

printed on thick 350gsm FSC-mix paper with a texture similar to watercolour paper

A6 (148 x 105mm)

prints of drawings made with pastel chalk and charcoal


Following the moose

On the road us three

Waking up between the trees

The ice its song

A light-footed walk

Flying along

The call of the woodpeckers

Here I cross

To the other side

A crisp, white morning

Crossing the lunar trail

There's a boat ready


These are 12 cards from the winter series "Here I cross".

This series was made on a lake covered in ice.

In every drawing the charcoal of the fireplace was used, besides pastel chalks.

The material from the landscape is therefore used to draw the landscape itself.

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