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the song of the cranes 

Online gallery in Mantle meadow
original ink drawings

Original ink drawings from the series "Aska".

The drawings are made from home made charcoal and ash ink

on bamboo paper (265gsm), giving the cranes a true, natural body.

A body of wood transformed by fire.

The fires dried the drawings and gave ashes and charcoal. 

The paintings are completely natural, environmentally friendly,

even compostable after their life.

The drawings are all created from experiences I gathered

being with common cranes, living in a summer breeding area.




After a long way migrating north 

The cranes came home 

In their summer breeding area 

In early spring

When the snow had only partly left the land 

Cranes are amongst the earliest arrivers

Here up north

They fly in big flocks 

And stay in large groups to rest and forage 

For quite some time 

After they have arrived

Before they will go

to their nesting places two on two


It is about this precious time

between arrival and settling for breeding

 "Aska" wants to sing.

Ashes (aska) contain both death and rebirth. A substance of purification.

Cranes too are symbol of immortality, of the continuation of life.

In mythology cranes are depicted to be rebirthed humans.


Every evening

When the sun has almost set

Cranes gather and fly  

To their sleeping grounds

while singing, a trumpeting chorus

Their call can be heared from afar

Long after sunset 

Their chatting voices echo

As they sing theirselves asleep



A song, "inner island", to accompany the online gallery.

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